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Admission open for B.Sc Nursing, M.Sc Nursing, and P.B.B.Sc. Nursing for the year 2017-18

General Rules and Regulations

  1. A candidate on being admitted in the Institution for course should follow all the rules and regulation laid down by the college time to time.

  2. The candidate will not be admitted to the course, unless she/ He is found physically fit by the member of the Medical Staff.

  3. Student on admission should write their full name, permanent address and the name and address of a person who will be communicated in case of emergency.

  4. A student will intimate in writing to the Principal for changing of address and Contact Number.

  5. Students will be under the supervision and guardianship of the Class Coordinator / H.O.D’s /Warden / Principal throughout the period of their course. While on duty, they will be under the direction of the Clinical Instructor or Staff-Nurses in charge of the ward.

  6. In the case of illness, the student must report immediately to the Class Coordinator / Principal/Warden.

  7. Students are expected to read the notices put up on the notice board of the college. The college shall not accept any responsibility for loss due to the student’s failure to read the notice in time.

  8. Every student should wear the identity card in college and Hospital.

  9. Student must use the prescribed uniform on all working days except Saturday in college & Hospital.

  10. Each student should be punctual in attending the class and clinicals during prescribed hours.

  11. Students should greet the teachers / staffs whenever they happen to see them for the first time in the day at college/hospital/hostel etc.

  12. If the students have any problem. They should inform the class representative and the class representative will intimate to the class coordinators. If the problem is not solved at the class coordinator's level. Then the class coordinator will present to the Principal. No students should by-pass the above mentioned channels. Unless until problem is utmost urgent/serious.

  13. While in training the conduct of the student nurse is expected to be strictly ethical. She/he is expected to observe the written and unwritten rules of the institution / Hospital, and take a healthy way.

  14. Student Nurse not reporting for duty or refusing to do night duty or conduct is not satisfactory will be liable to punishment even dismissal.

  15. All students should be present in the college on the last & the first working days of the vacations.

  16. On the day of re-opening of the college the student should be ready to start work if for any reason student comes late, she/he must see the principal along with an application requesting for permission to attend the class/clinicals.

  17. If the student returns late after the vacation, a fine of rupees 25/- will be charged for each day & then they will be allowed to enter into the class.

  18. Student can take leave or absence from classes only with the prior permission of the Principal.

  19. Misbehaviour with any staff member of the college will result in being debarred from the exam or expelled from the institution.

  20. If the students are involved in any fighting or disturbance he/she will be suspended for 10 days from the institute.

  21. Ragging is an offense. Any student/students involved in such activities will be immediately expelled from the institution.

  22. All the student should pay the fees in two installment of the academic year.

  23. The student must clear all the dues of the college & hostel before the commencement of exam otherwise she/he will not be allowed to attend the exams.

  24. Fees once deposited will neither be refunded back nor adjusted in any circumstances.

  25. Any student who damages the property or reputation of the college in any way is liable to be expelled. If any student discontinues the course he/she shall clear all dues from the remaining duration of the course. If fails to pay, his/her original certificates will not be returned.

  26. No certificate on any account will be given before completion of the prescribed period of training.

  27. Possessing or use of mobile phones, pagers, radios, walk man etc are strictly forbidden in the hospital and college campus. Students found guilty of carrying the above mentioned equipment’s will be punished. (a fine of Rs. 250/- each time).

  28. The students are allowed to use simple mobile phones (no multi media) only in hostel within the prescribed time of everyday.

  29. Parents or Registered local guardian only allowed for picking up and dropping their daughter in hostel.

  30. If any student found in use of liquor or narcotics on Hospital duty or in Institute / Hostel premises, he/she will be suspended from the Institute/Hostel for a specific period or expelled from the institution.

  31. Possession of weapons, explosive and other objectionable material in Institute/Hostel will result in being expelled from the Institution.

  32. Organising or attending any meeting during study/practical practice hours will be punishable.

  33. Coming on Hospital duty or entering the Institute premises in an unpresentable appearance will be liable to punishment.

  34. Non co-operation with clinical instructors/tutors, superiors or fellow students for proper discharge of duties in hospital/institution will result in being debarred from the exam or expelled from the institution.

  35. A student is not allowed to soliciting any monetary gain or other advantages from the patient or their relatives.

  36. Disrespectful behaviour or misbehaviour towards any patient, their relatives, fellow students or staff member of the Institution/Hospitals will be punishable.

  37. No Student shall leave Headquarter without obtaining prior permission from the competent authority.

  38. Taking active part in politics will result in being expelled from the Institution.

  39. Student can not go to other Hospital except prescribed Hospitals for the clinical training.

  40. The Principal and the Management reserve the right to change the rules and regulation.


News and Announcement


Third International Yoga Day was celebrated by RITEE college of Nursing on the 21st June 2017. The Students and the Faculty practiced yoga under the guidance of a yoga teacher Mr. Sachin Singh.The session ended with the instructor bringing everyone to the seated position and pressing the hands together and saying “Namaste” a symbol of gratitude & respect. Then the Students and the Faculties took an oath “To practice yoga daily thereby being pure in thought word and deed and treat every human with love and respect”. Simultaneously, RITCON also conducted yoga session at the adopted village Chhatauna. This was actively participated by Village Sarpanch Mrs. Sarojani Jangde, School going children, School Staff along with RITCON Faculties.


A cleanliness campaign was organized on 15th June 2017on the college premises and the surrounding areas. The campaign began with the Principal highlighting the importance of hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness. The faculties and students actively took part in the cleanliness drive by enthusiastically taking by brooms and garbage bags to clean the class rooms, corridors, college grounds and surrounding areas. The entire drive was quite inspiring and motivating for the staff and students. The campaign ended with the student’s faculties and staff taking a pledge to keep clean their college, homes and public places and by educating the general public about throwing waste in the dustbins, avoid spitting on the roads and keeping themselves neat and tidy.


Green Drive – 05th June 2017 was celebrated as World Environment Day by RITCON along with other departments of RITEE. On this auspicious day massive planting of saplings around the college premises was undertaken under the initiative of Principal along with faculty and nursing students.


RITEE College of Nursing celebrated the International Nurses Day on 12th May 2017. Every year celebrated the Birth day of Pioneer of Modern Nursing Florence Nightingale as International Nurses Day. The Nurses day celebration started with the welcome song followed lighting the lamp. Further, Florence Nightingale pledge was administered by the Principal and all the students and faculties were took oath. The cultural session started with the skit about the history of Florence Nightingale, the lady with the lamp. The students were also presented the different cultural programmes for the promotion of nursing activities. The celebration is felicitated by Shailendra Jain, secretary of Mahanadi Education Society and he wishes the all the students and faculties. The celebration ended with vote of thanks proposed by the faculty.


RITEE college of Nursing arranged a field visit to Water Treatment Plant, Naya Raipur on 29th April 2017 after obtaining the formal permission. As a part of community Health Nursing our 2nd year and 4th year B. Sc Nursing students has visited the water treatment plant situated at Naya Raipur along with the principal and teachers. The aim of the visit is to update the knowledge on water purification and its methods of water purification.

PLACEMENT NEWS: 100% PLACEMENT IN THE YEAR 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016

Congratulation to all the students. Our students are placed into Ramkrishna Care Hospital, Raipur, Sri Sathiya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital, Naya Raipur after the campus placement drive conducted on 10th Dec 2016 at RITEE Campus.


The students got the chance to know how yoga organizes the unity of body and mind. The students performed different yoga postures like Vrikshasana, Uttaanaasana, Trikonaasana, Bhadrasana, and Shashankaasana and finally ended with pranayam and meditation.


Congratulation to Ms. Pushpa Mahilane (student of 4th year B. Sc Nursing) who got third prize in state level poster competition conducted by Bethany College of Nursing on 23-24th February 2013 with the theme of " The Virtues of Mothers womb "


Our faculty Ms. Sneha Smiriti Das, Ms. Sheela Panna and Ms. Bharti Chandrakar were attended one day Training of Trainers (ToT) programme on Basic Neonatal Resuscitation Programme, organized by Indian Acdemy of Paediatric�s (IAP) Chhattisgarh Branch in association with department of Pediatrics, Pt. J.N.M Medical College, Raipur on 14th April 2013.


Mr. P. Balakrishnan and Mr. Packianatha Emmanuel was attended Training of Trainers (ToT) programme on AIDS / HIV, Tuberculosis organized by Indian Nursing Council (INC) at PG Colleg of Nursing, Bhilai.


Ms. Jonita Tigga for being top in B. Sc Nursing 2nd year and Mr. Kamal Narayan in B. Sc Nursing 1st year .


In the session 2012-13, 4th year B. Sc Nursing result was 99%, 2nd year & 3rd year B. Sc Nursing result was 100% & 1st year B. Sc Nursing students were scored 92 % of result.


Mr. Pramod Kumar Yadav for being top in B. Sc Nursing 4th year and Ms. Aarti Sneha Tirkey in B. Sc Nursing 3rd year .


The rally was organized by the college on 24th March 2015 towards international world Tuberculosis day to stop TB.


The Mass Health education programme organized by the college in nearby village on 25th April 2015 towards World Malarial Day to eradicate Malaria.


Admission open for B.Sc Nursing, M.Sc Nursing, and P.B.B.Sc. Nursing for the year 2017


Chhattisgarh Industrial & Technical Consultancy Centre (CITCON) in association with Raipur Institute of Technology is organizing a Two weeks Faculty Development Programme on Entrepreneurship for the faculty members of RITEE in the campus, which was inagurated today in the presence of dignitaries & staff from both the organizations. Mr. P.K. Nimonkar (State Head, CITCON) gave the introductory address for the ceremony followed by Mr. Anil Kalele (Senior Engineer, CITCON), Dr. H. Kumar (Advisor, RITEE) and Mr. Swaroop Chand Jain (Chairman, Mahanadi Education Society). Mr. Alok Tiwari (Programme Coordinator, CITCON) along with staff from RITEE was also present in the ocassion. All the dignitaries in their speech, focused on the different sectors of entrepreneurship, it's importance in the current scenario and motivated the participants to encourage enterpreneurship among the youth and the students. Dr. M. Venugopala Rao (Principal, Raipur Institute of Technology), closed the ceremony with a vote of thanks. This programme will continue for the next two weeks (17th Dec.- 31st Dec.) in which faculty will be trained in a manner such that they can inculcate entrepreneurship skills among the students.


Republic Day was celebrated with pride in RITEE, wherein staff and students from all the departments participated. Act on recent Pathankot attacks got everyone emotional in the conclusion of the program.


RITEE Family Wishes everyone a Very Happy Mahashivaratri! Om Namah Shivaya!


RITEE Family Wishes everyone A Very Happy and Safe Holi!

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